We charge our normal, full prices for all of the following services but offer the following discounts for patients without any insurance:

Office Visit Charges For Self Paying Patients

Office Visit (any single problem such as a sore throat, cough, earache, or wt loss, etc) is $50

Additional problem(s) during same visit (any separate problem(s) such as a rash, pain, etc) is $25 each

Nurse Only Office Visit (when not seeing a provider) (for TBST, Vitamin B-12 shot, Vivitrol shot, etc) is $25

Chronic medication refill (one med) is $50 for 3 months, $75 for 6 months, $100 for 9 months, $120 for 12 months

Additional medication refills is $25 for each unrelated, separate category of medication

DOT Physical is $80

Work Physical is $50

Sports Physical (long form) is $50

Sports Physical (short form) is $25

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Procedure Charges For Self Paying Patients

All of the following procedures are in addition to the office visit:

Strep Test is $10

Urine Pregnancy Test is $10

Urinalysis (dipstick) is $10

Urine Drug Screen is $50

Blood Glucose Test (by glucometer) is $5

Injection Fee (if patient brings in own medication) is $10

Steroid Injection (40 mg Depo medrol) is $25 (includes injection fee)

Steroid Injection (80 mg Depo Medrol) is $40 (includes injection fee)

Vitamin B-12 Injection is $15 (includes injection fee) (must see provider at first visit or have own medicine)

TB Skin Test is $15 (includes injection fee)

EKG is $40

Pulmonary Function Testing is $40

Ear Irrigation is $40

Suturing of a single laceration is $150

Suture or staple removal is $10 (no charge if we did the original suturing)